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Hello fellow friends, I'm Erin, happy you're here! I am a multi faceted artist living half my life in the big aple and the other half in Costa Rica. My main path in life has been performing, but since the pandemic I've been able to grow in to myself as a fully rounded artist, discovering that performing isn't the only way to connect with other people. Since the broadening of my horizons, not only have I continued my beautiful massage practice here in NYC called Massage by Erin but I have been able to start a yoga teaching practice at Modo Yoga NYC! Lastly, the biggest of doors that have opened recently is managing a wellness and yoga retreat center called  Flō Retreat Center with my husband in Uvita, Costa Rica. Here, my goal is to marry everything that I've worked towards to bring like minded people to experience collaboration, relaxation, experimentation, and a softening back into their lives so they can continue down the path that is right for them.


My hope spesifically through theater is that I can help create meaningful connections with artist’s and other lovers of art! I am currently extremely interested in creating without boundries (I know there needs to be a few boundaries!) and learning as much as I can about our industry, and how I fit into the beautiful puzzle. 

If you are looking for a more “traditional” bio, head over to my headshot and resume page, otherwise, let's connect. I'm always down for a coffee chat!

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